Coming together, working together & achieving success

Quorum (noun) – A chosen group of people coming together.

At Quorum Sports Advisors, we have brought our team together from all areas of Football. From former professionals and coaches to skilled advisors our team have years of experience in the Football industry.

Our aim is to help relieve some of the stress that a career in football can bring offering the best support and advice for all our clients and their families.

Our unique approach means we do things differently to most agencies in the market. We have combined former players and coaches with experienced Intermediaries to deliver a bespoke service in order to maximise each clients potential for the duration of their career.  We feel this approach has a positive effect on each player and their families enabling each player to maximise his potential on the pitch and beyond.

While a client takes care of business on the pitch, the Quorum team are maximising your potential off it.

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